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EzRack - Adjustable Dumbbells Stand

EzRack - Adjustable Dumbbells Stand

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The EzRack is a must have item to store your 32 KGs / 70 LBs EzBlock. Easily stored, this adjustable dumbbells stand will hold the dumbbells in place in a convenient height for the user.

If you are looking for storage for your EzBlock – look no further!


EzRack is engineered to hold a large amount of weight which is perfect for the 32 kg EzBlock. They are engineered to be positioned at shoulder width apart for a comfortable lift.


EzRack is designed to take up very little floor space and is very convenient to easily lift weights from. It's also super easy to move around when needed.


EzRack is made from 100% pure carbon steel with rubber fixtures to prevent it from slipping while picking or placing the dumbbell. Keep your mind at peace and workout stress-free with this stand by your side!